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The Thread

“She was different,” says Punk & Poet Scotty Stopnik, when asked to recall his first memory of his wife Lindsay. “She dressed different, acted different and made my heart flutter.” We at Stance share the same fluttery feeling when we think of "different." Because in our overly Instagrammed world, where much of what we see is cookie cutter and exceptionally unexceptional, there’s nothing more refreshing than a break in the grid. We’re drawn to those who live life on their terms, and revel in doing so.

In this series, we take a look at families who inspire us with their differences, families whose unconventional makeups and unorthodox style of parenting, we believe, redefine the word. Gone are the days of a mother, a father, two children and a dog neatly wrapped up in a suburban home being the standard of what a family should look like. Families aren’t black and white, they’re technicolor, and in the case of the Stopniks, they come with four kids, five chickens, one cat and a tortoise. 

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